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Merry Xmas!

Long time no post, but to all who still reads or happen to pass by this LJ...

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My annual 'Odaiba Memorial' post.

There's so much to say but at the same time -- nothing to say.

What was special will remain to be special to me.

I'm not awesome like so many people on pixiv* and produce something like this but at least I will say...

Happy Odaiba Memorial!

*The page here is filtered at 100 users. Most look like it'll be pushed past 500 soon, so I suggest re-filtering in the search box to see all the awesome art. :3
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^I feel like this past week has taught me the true meaning behind that Japanese term. I can't think of a better term to describe how my week has been.

Now excuse me as I go and collapse...
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Tales of the Abyss NA release

Forget V-day, today being the NA release date for Tales of the Abyss 3DS is way more important!

^That would be what I would be saying if I was still amidst my crazy TotA obsession from years ago.

It's amazing how something as little as the release date can bring up so many memories and feelings for a game that I still consider to be the best RPG I've played after all these years. I'm not crazy enough to go and buy an NA 3DS for the game... especially when I own the Japanese N3DS version already.

Yes, I carried out what I said in a post waaay back when I said I'm going to get the Japan-region 3DS for the Japanese TotA 3DS.
As I said in that old post, clearing the game twice in 2 languages on the PS2 wasn't enough. I was willing to (and did) put down more cash for port last September.

Anyway, yeah, just posting to commemorate the English release date. In general, I know it's a very random post... But I'm stressed and I needed a distraction... and TotA is awesome.


To all those who celebrate...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I was listening to Mizuki Nana's Dragonia on the way home today and realized that it's kind of fitting for the new year). Especially because it's the Year of the Dragon. :3
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Happy New Year!!

It is officially January 1st 2012 where I am!!!


Listening to POWER GATE right now because it's the best song to kick off the new year!

Let's all have a great year ahead! =D

”重いから POWER GATE 価値があるんだよ
僕らで時代とか変えて行かなきゃ 必ず出来る
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Kouhaku 2011 - Congratulations Red Team!

Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. XD
Stayed up allll night in order to watch Kouhaku (because time difference can be a pain), slept at 7:30AM (after aiko's performance), and woke up at 11:20ish... Almost 4 hours, but I still have problems keeping my eyes open. XDD

I swear, I think I would've just went to sleep and slept through it this year if depression76 wasn't there to keep me awake. XD So thanks for that. :P

But it's good to know the Red team finally won again after so many years.
And that Nana-san's performance was so much more steady compared to the previous 2 years... though the outfit was quite... uh... let's just say it could use some work... >_>;;

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Anyway, I suspect it's new years already for quite a few people on my f-list so...