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Jul. 31st, 2020


Welcome Post

All Mizuki Nana and other Music & Seiyuu related news posts can be found at:
~Eternal Blaze Generation~


Otherwise, this blog is semi-friends-locked. Feel free to strike up a conversation with me anytime though! :3
And now you may scroll down for the more recent randomness...

Dec. 25th, 2012

Lightning Family

Merry Xmas!

Long time no post, but to all who still reads or happen to pass by this LJ...


Aug. 1st, 2012



My annual 'Odaiba Memorial' post.

There's so much to say but at the same time -- nothing to say.

What was special will remain to be special to me.

I'm not awesome like so many people on pixiv* and produce something like this but at least I will say...

Happy Odaiba Memorial!

*The page here is filtered at 100 users. Most look like it'll be pushed past 500 soon, so I suggest re-filtering in the search box to see all the awesome art. :3

May. 19th, 2012


Champions League Final - The Miracle of Blue [football]

It's been a while since I watched a game live right from kick-off.

There was no way I'd miss this though. Chelsea vs Bayern. Everyone was expecting Barcelona and Royal Madrid (I admit I was one of them) but the turnout made things much more interesting.

Thoughts on Champions League Final - Chelsea vs Bayern MunichCollapse )
Lightning Family




Coherent thoughts later. :)

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Mar. 23rd, 2012




^I feel like this past week has taught me the true meaning behind that Japanese term. I can't think of a better term to describe how my week has been.

Now excuse me as I go and collapse...
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Feb. 14th, 2012

Guy - Thinking Pose

Tales of the Abyss NA release

Forget V-day, today being the NA release date for Tales of the Abyss 3DS is way more important!

^That would be what I would be saying if I was still amidst my crazy TotA obsession from years ago.

It's amazing how something as little as the release date can bring up so many memories and feelings for a game that I still consider to be the best RPG I've played after all these years. I'm not crazy enough to go and buy an NA 3DS for the game... especially when I own the Japanese N3DS version already.

Yes, I carried out what I said in a post waaay back when I said I'm going to get the Japan-region 3DS for the Japanese TotA 3DS.
As I said in that old post, clearing the game twice in 2 languages on the PS2 wasn't enough. I was willing to (and did) put down more cash for port last September.

Anyway, yeah, just posting to commemorate the English release date. In general, I know it's a very random post... But I'm stressed and I needed a distraction... and TotA is awesome.

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